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awesomesystem's Journal

The Awesome System
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action heroes, action movies, anything awesome, attacking three ninjas simultaneously, awesome, awesome on a stick, awesome points, awesome system, awesomeity, awesomeness, barry, being badass, big guns, busting out sweet moves, butt-kicking, car chases, chainsaws, colonel sanders, contra games, detectives, dragons, everything, extreme action, fast cars, firestorm ink, french maids, guitars, hackers, hair metal, hardcore rocking, hitting people with guitars, hot chicks, hot sweetness, jazz, jupitris, kung fu, life, lifting the ocean, metal, motorbikes, ninjas, norse gods, pillaging, punching through brick walls, raw awesome, robot chefs, robots, rock music, rocking out, rocking the fuck out, scientists, sharks, skateboarding pirates, space, space mutants, space rock future, spaceships, spaceships shaped like guitars, speedboats, starbarians, stunts, super long guitar solos, supernovas, superspies, surfing in space, the awesome system, the awesomeness of space, the galactic federation, the horde, the shark king, the universe, things beyond human comprehension, totally rocking out, transformers, valkyries, vikings, vin diesel, what's cooking