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Good idea for advertising Mayors Of Fight Town book

A little interactive game! The first part of the Mayors campaign has the PCs riding jet-skis towards the city, until some ninjas interrupt, so the game would cast you as one of the characters, with a cutesy little sprite, probably Lieutenant, riding his jet-ski... Ninjas turn up and attack, four or so, and there's a little 16-bit JRPG-style sequence where their jet-skis travel at equivalent speeds so as to have a turn-based battle.

The turns unfold and attacks go back and forth, dynamically showing off The Awesome System's mechanics, with ninjas getting tossed in the water as their jet-skis explode, then a Boss Ninja turns up and he has to be defeated as well.

After the ninjas is the battle with the giant Sniper Robot Yin, so the last part of the game would show her crouched atop the Statue of Liberty, silently drawing a bead on the jet-ski, then cut to the title.

The point of the 5-minute or so game is to show off how stunts work in terms of rolling actions and how they're laid out on the grid. It'd probably have the option to spend Awesome Points and ask you if you want to do it for dodges, but wouldn't shove the concept in your face. Normal attacks could be punches, whereas stunts would be something like picking up your jet-ski and hitting them with it.

For the graphical style, I'd use something simple like Mighty Final Fight:

And the music might be something jazzy and upbeat like this track from Contra.

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