Ross Howell (fried_octopus) wrote in awesomesystem,
Ross Howell

Shapeshifter (20)

The character has, quite simply, an amorphous physiology. Most people go through life set in a form that will only grow up or down or out. A Shapeshifter can grow in all of those directions, as well as inside out and upside down.

In their most commonly used forms, Shapeshifters are often plain, uninteresting looking people. Their appearance shifts with their concentration and more complex shapes require more effort and thought, like molding a lump of clay. When a new shape is first formed it will often only have the appearance of its form, gradually filling out details over the next few weeks or months. Any form the shapeshifter takes will no doubt pass casual scrutiny, but more complicated checks will require the character to make an Art: Sculpture check opposed to the onlooker's Notice. If the character disguises themselves as a businessman they saw in a magazine, everyone will recognize them with ease, but shaping the larynx just right so as to emulate his voice or shaping the whorls of one's thumbprint to get through a security measure can take hours of careful, painstaking work.

Whenever a new form is taken, the character must make an Art: Sculpture check, compared to the table below.

3 - Copy the shape and skin tone of the target perfectly
5 - Assure that all internal organs are in the right place
8 - Emulate the original's voice perfectly
10 - Copy mannerisms of the original
20 - Create accurate clothing from scratch
30 - At this level the copy is identical to the original in every way. Only old friends or a full computer check-up could tell the difference.

The character may spend time making further checks, as many times as they like. The new check result always supplants the previous, since Sculpting's irritating like that.

If the Shapeshifter wants to make something entirely new, it's a bit more complicated. For example, if they want to make themselves a set of hooks for climbing, or fins for swimming, they may attempt a Sculpture check with a difficulty of 8, success indicating they've made something rudimentary, giving them a +5 to all skill checks, to be removed when the character chooses. Making the change takes one combat turn, doing which the character may act normally. A character may not make more changes than an amount equal to their level in Soul. A set of gills would give the character a +5 to all Toughness checks for holding their breath and swapping out their left arm for a cutlass gives them a simple +5 to damage. Where there's a will, there's a way. Additionally, if the character can succeed at a difficulty 30 check, they may spend a full five minutes on the change, increasing the bonus rises to +10, but these adjustment may not be removed for a minimum of 12 hours, as the body takes time to adjust to them.
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