Ross Howell (fried_octopus) wrote in awesomesystem,
Ross Howell

And this is how I've decided to handle dodging from now on. It's a bit weaker, but more realistic.

Dodge (Flow)

An essential skill for surviving in a fire fight, Dodge allows your character to duck out of harm's way, often at the last possible moment. During combat, when your character has been attacked, you may elect to make a Dodge, spending a single action or Awesome Point to activate it.

When a Dodge check is made, the total is subtracted from the attacker's to hit roll, reducing bonus appropriately. If the subtracted amount reduces the attack roll below the required to hit, then the attack is a certified miss. If the attack is an area of effect, the character is allowed to move six feet in any direction. If this moves them more than halfway outside the explosion's Burst then the damage is halved. If it moves them all the way out the damage is negated.

If a character wishes to stunt on a Dodge check, it must be nominated as a Hero Skill and they must spend 2 AP as normal.
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